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Jesus-The son of David according to the flesh (Rom 1:3; 2Tim 2:8; Rev. 22:16); the Son of God according to his Messiehship (Luke 1:35); both God and man (John 10:33). The visible image of the invisible God (Col 1:15).

Salvation- Is by grace through faith as found in Acts 2:38, Therefore our faith is in Jesus alone for salvation. We are saved by Spirit, Water, and the Blood (1John 5:8).

Apostolics- Accept Acts 2:38 as the only plan of salvation by grace through faith. Those of the nations who believe God is one not three. We use only the Bible as our source of faith, doctrine, and practice.

The True Church- A true Apostolic Church is a replica of the Church found in the Book of Acts and the Epistles.

The Final Call- According to Matthew 24:14 the people of the world will receive a final call to be saved. This is the very day in which we live! At the end of the final call, tribulation will come upon this world. This web site is part of the final call.



Why Apostolic is a web site dedicated to Truth.

The writings are by a Man of God. He is the Pastor of the Acts 2:38 Church at Jesus House in Tampa, Florida.

The Bible studies on this web site by Pastor Reckart can only be understood by those who have Spiritual development above religious tradition levels.

The present location for worship is at:

Jesus House

11731 North 15th Street
Tampa, Florida 33612

Our services are:

10am Sunday Morning
5-7pm Sunday evening Tampa-Angels feed for the homeles and hungry
Wednesday Discipleship 7:30pm
Saturday  12-1 Tampa-Angels feed for the homeless and hungry

Free Bible Studies in your home, public place, or Church
Musicians  with the Holy Ghost Needed




Why Apostolic
God: Creator, Lord, And Friend
Adam/Eve And Their Fall
Satan, Sin, and Judgment
Discourse on the letter J
Old Israel The Chosen Of God
Jesus The Messieh
The Name Jesus
Name of Jesus Letter J
The Messianic Hope
Israel & David's Seed
Jesus Genealogy
The Baptism Of Jesus
Jesus' New Jewish Religion
Jesus And His Gospel
Messianic Passover
Baptism of Jesus Christ
Tallit or Jesus
The True Jesus Church
The Plan Of Salvation
The Great Falling Away
Laodicaea Church
Post-Trib Coming of Jesus
Millennial Reign Of Christ
The End Of The World
Why Trinitarians hate Acts 2:38

Review Of Melanchthon

Debate About Prophecy

Franciso Ribera

Hallelujah More Facts

Egyptian gods And Priests

All Nations One People

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