Adam/Eve And Their Fall
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Adam was the first human being created by God.  Before him there was no created being upon the earth who possessed all of his mental and spiritual features.

Adam was fashioned by God from a pattern.  What was that pattern?  According to the Apostle Paul in Romans 5:14, Adam was created in the "figure" or patten of him who was to come.  This is a great revelation.  Who was this who was to come?  It was Jesus!  The very being, image, likeness, of Jesus was with God in his creative mind before the world existed.  God knew he would visit his man creation at a future time and would need a physical body to do it. So he made Adam in the "figure" or pattern-likeness that he himself would visit the earth and be no less God.  God in human form you might ask?  Indeed, that is exactly who and what Jesus was.  That is why he was to be called Emmanuel, "God with us" (see Matthew 1:23).  So, Adam was to be made in the image and likeness of God.  Isn't that what Genesis 5:1 says: "In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him."

Yes, Adam was the image of God, and God was to come to earth in the form of man and be called Jesus.  Jesus is therefore God.  This is what Paul wrote in 1Timothy in 3:16.

Adam was made holy since he was made after the image of the body of Jesus. Adam was created with eternal life.  How long Adam was in the garden of Eden before God saw he was lonely we do not know.  Adam's only friends were the animals.  The animals were male and female but for Adam there was no female.  There was no partner, no friend, no one to share enjoyment or love.  God saw this and said it was not good that man dwell alone, so he put the man to sleep.  Yes, Doctor God, was the first to put a patient to sleep before he operated on him.  He removed a rib from Adam's side and took the DNA, the chromosomes, the residual blood and flesh, and with the ingredience of the bone he made a woman, Eve.  The inventor, the chemist, the scientist, the great mathematician, made Adam a beautiful helpmate.  There is no doubt that Eve was and will forever be the most beautiful woman to ever live upon the earth. There will never be a man more handsome then Adam.

There has been great speculation as to the color of Adam and Eve.  Some of recent years have claimed they were Black and the Garden of Eden was in Africa.  This has come down to us from Afro-racist and scientist, the same ones who tell us of evolution and Lucy the first ape-woman.  Why would they not select Africa since it agrees with their theory that Africans descend from apes in the African jungle.  Was Adam Black?  Was he African? Was the garden of Eden in Africa? Was it Blacks who brought sin into the world and the curse of death? Was the first murderer a Black man killing his Black brother? Apostolics are divided on these questions.  Many Blacks tend to want Adam and Eve to be Black and have largely taken up the African tale from racist and scientist. Jews and other races on the other hand believe Adam was white or red-skinned, and that the garden of Eden was in Iran near the city of Tabriz. (see my study refuting Black racism). 

There is a question why Ethiopia is named. This is easily explained as coming from Cush. Scholars have made many blunders is thinking Cush means Ethiopia. All the rivers can be accounted for in the fertile crescent.  I believe Dr. David Rohl found Eden. They cannot be accounted for in Africa. The Hebrew text does not have Ethiopia but "Kuwsh" or Cush the name of a son of Ham.  Now Cush is the father of Nimrod and Nimrod built Babylon. The original Cushites appear to have settled in the area of Tabriz, Iran as indicate in the link to Dr. Rohl. The other sons of Cush, Seba, Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah, Sabtecha, and Nimrod. We can account for all these in the area of Israel, Arabia, Iran, and Iraq. None of them can be accounted for in Africa!  Especially Canaan who settled in what is today Israel. That's why the area of the 12 tribes is called the land of Canaan.  There is no reason why a place could not be name Kuwsh in the area of Tabriz and the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. There is no Biblical record the sons of Cush settled in Africa.  

There is evidence that those of Black face (Ethiopia) migrated from the area of Babylon along the sea coast southwest into the land of Sheba. Later they migrated into Saudi Arabia and Canaan by a northern migration route which Abraham seems to have taken. These, prior to Abraham had centuries before crossed into Africa and what was later called Ethiopia.

Scholars have attributed Ethiopia to mean "Black face" and this could describe both a racial people and later a nation consisting of these with Black faces. To say Cush means Black and thissis Ethiopia is false. Ethiopians were Blacker then many others who might be called Black.  But Black-faced peoples lived throughout the middle east and in parts of Israel and the racial features are prominent in artifacts uncovered by archeologist.  Pictures of kings from Asshur and Assyrian show some of them with what appears to be a Negro face and hair features. These also migrated into Egypt and that is why it is called the land of Ham.  Not that Ham went or lived there but a contingent of his descendants settled there.  There are ancient Egyptian kings who have a white-man's appearance and not Black. There is no historical record of any kind that Eden was in Africa.  There is no historical record that Africans preserved any mention of Eden, Adam and Eve, the fall, or even God. It is interesting that no where in ancient Africa languages can there be found the name of Adam, Eve, Eden, or God (Elohim).  But in the regions of the Persian Gulf, these are found in ancient spellings on clay tablets.  If such did exist in Africa we would expect to find some reference among the Egyptians and pyramids which represent the greatest knowledge ever achieved in all of Africa. 

The whole record as found in our Bibles in the first 12 chapters is absent in all African history.  And certainly when we get to Abraham we do not find him coming up out of Africa leaving behind his family and ancestors, we find him living within a few miles of Babylon in Ur of the Chaldees.  This location is undeniable.  This indicates there was a division of races (nations or ethnos) already existing in the time of Abraham and points back to the judgment of the tower of Babel where the nations (races or ethnos of people) were divided. We can say with all truthfulness that the sin of Nimrod and all who joined him in his Babel, caused the division of mankind into different races, ethnos, and skin colors.  We thank our Lord Jesus Christ that when he removed sin from the hearts of men and women, they reverse the curse of Babel and join in unity within the Apostolic Church where racism is abolished and has no place.  

We must believe that originally there was one color and within this color was the DNA to produce all the other color varieties once a division was made by God at Babel. Inbreeding and racial prejudice developed among the race-ethnos and different color strands resulted.

According to the Hebrew language the name Adam means "ruddy" or to show the blood.  This means the skin color was of such that the redness of blood was visible in the pigment of his skin.  This cannot be seen among Blacks, Browns, or even those of pale Brown or Yellowish skin pigments.  It can only be found among Whites or those of this lighter pigmented skin color.  

From whence then did Blacks and the other racial colors come?  We can only say that God did it and we can only say he did it at the tower of Babel when he divided the nations.  We do know, that all mankind regardless of color descends from one blood.  This makes all races the seed of Adam and regardless of a person's beliefs, racism has no part among true Apostolics. If you came from Africa, Europe, or even Israel, it means nothing to us.  We gave up culture, ethnicity, color, race, and prejudice when we were born AGAIN! Anyone who does not give these up to be born again are not true Apostolics.

We do not discriminate against any race on the basis of color and all may intermingle and marry as they choose.  They may live where they choose and they may seek the enjoyment of life as they desire. Apostolics have a firm belief that in the New Testament Church the message is grace not RACE!  We are also very firm that in the burial of water baptism, we bury all of our first inheritance in race and in identity to take upon us our new inheritance and grace.  After baptism if a person is a racist by pushing the color of their skin for any reason against another Brother or Sister, or a Church or Pastor, they are in the wrong. Such individuals are spiritual ghost taking back up from the baptismal grave their old sinful prejudices and discrimination.

Adam in his first condition was without sin.  He was holy.  God came down and Adam we believe could see God in this spiritual condition.  They had fellowship.  This all fell apart when the serpent, the devil, lied and deceived Eve to eat the forbidden fruit.  What was this fruit?  We do not know and God has not seen fit to make it an object of knowledge to us.  Was it literal fruit?  Yes!  The Scripture says God planted the tree in the midst of the garden of Eden. The Tree was in the garden before Adam arrived and before Eve was created.  God told Adam about this tree before Eve was created (Gen 2:17). The trees he could eat from in the garden was of identical nature as the one tree in the same garden he could not eat of. To take the word "tree" here and "garden" and spiritualize these to mean something other then the natural they represent is wrong.  Eve ate of the fruit of the tree. In this one act she sinned. What was her sins?  First, she was disobedient to God who said not to eat of it. Second, she lusted after it as something the devil promised would make her wise. Third, the devil promised her she would become as a god knowing good and evil.  She wanted to be equal with God.  Fourth, she did not consult with Adam her husband before she ate, thus making a spiritual decision that she did not pass before God.  She could have waited that day until the coolness came and God came to fellowship with them.  But she wanted to make this decision without God, since she was going to do what God had already told her not to do.  She wanted freedom in her life to be what ever she wanted in spite of the fact God had deprived her of a position of knowledge of good and evil.  She lusted after this new level of personal achievement.  She would take it all on her own.  So, she took the fruit and ate.  Paul later tells us she was beguiled or deceived.  This means she did not know the fulness of what her actions would cause.

She gave to Adam and he ate also. Now why did he eat?  It is evident he did it by free-will.  He did not do it because he was deceived by the serpent. We believe the answer lies in the actions of the second Adam, Jesus.  He gave himself for her.  He knew she would die because God said they would they day they ate.  He did not want her to die alone.  He was willing to die with her.  Her sin led to his sin.  And sin came upon the human race.  Sin immediately caused them to see their natural bodies which they had not noticed before. They were a holy couple.  They each had eternal life.  In this condition their nakedness did not matter.  There were no other people upon the earth.  But sin condemned their flesh.  They felt the condemnation.  They felt the shame. But they thought it was because of their naked bodies.  They did not know it was their naked soul that was now condemned.  So, they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons to cover their lower nakedness. But this is not the nakedness that needed a covering.  Their soul was naked now before God as sinners.  The flesh would only be the outer shell of the soul.  What was outer upon the flesh was to be a witness of the inward condition of the soul.

When God came down that evening and Adam and Eve were not at the appointed fellowship place, he called for Adam:  "Adam, where art thou." Since Adam here represented all mankind at that moment, in Adam all fell into the curse of sin.  No, sin is not inherited in the flesh or the blood of a person.  But the punishment of Adam's sin is inherited.  Therefore, upon the whole human race came the curse of death.  Paul tells us in Romans 5:12 that death passed upon all men even upon those who did not sin after the simitude of Adam's transgression.

This has been the same calling to mankind in each generation.  "Mankind, where art thou."  It is the same call to each person at sometime in their life.  We believe each person must answer the call.  It is this call that invites us to God's mercy and his grace.

Adam and Eve appeared before God.  There off to the side was the serpent to see what God would do to his two fallen holiness children.  God had said they would die if they ate of that tree.  But God who is supreme in his authority can cancel his judgment with his mercy.  And that day, the judgment of death was canceled by mercy. God saw them in their fig leaves and they did not cover enough.  So, strip that man-made stuff off.  The same as stripping off man-made clothing that does not modestly cover the body.  God slew animals and took the hide thereof and made them coats of skin. Yes, we must let God dress us.  Let God in our closets and wardrobes, in our dressers and suitcases. We must strip and let God dress us. These new outer garments that were made from the shedding of blood, symbolised to Adam and Eve the grace of God.  God's grace came to them via a substitutionary sacrifice.  When they should have died, God took the life of animals and made them a covering.  Herein is the beginning of a great revelation of God's holiness and how we are to maintain it.

It is in this blood sacrifice and the covering of their sins, we  have the root of the revelation of the coming Lamb of God, the Messieh, Jesus of Nazareth. He whose blood on Calvary as a sacrifice would provide for us a covering of remission or pardon of our sins. Apostolics do place a lot of emphasis on Acts 2:38 and the name of Jesus Christ, because it is right here a person receives this blood atonement and is made holy before God.

Adam and Eve failed God.  They failed themselves. They brought upon the human race the curse of death.  And sin was now in the world to torment every generation and every soul to be born.  But, there is a way of hope and escape. No person must go to hell.  No person must go to the lake of fire.  There is a way to avoid the judgments of God and to stop all future wrath.  We Apostolics are proud to bear to the world the Gospel good news that baptism in the name of Jesus Christ ends the fall of Adam and a new life can be resurrected up out of the waters of baptism.  We can live the Christ life now and be holy. We can overcome the curse of death with a promise of eternal life.

Yes, the true Apostolic people are the ones who have the key to Biblical understanding.  We are the Church Jesus placed all the Truth within.  Our men of God love all souls regardless of race.  We see today the many lost souls and reach by faith for tomorrow to win them to Christ.

Visit an Apostolic Church and begin your back journey to God.

Racism has no place in the Kingdom of God!

One Apostolic people of all nations!

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