Baptism of Jesus Christ
Trinitarian Baptism

By Pastor G. Reckart

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Trinitarian baptism has its origin in the doctrine of the trinity.  The Catholic Church has over the centuries altered not only the Word of God but also the words of ancient alleged men who they claim were "Catholic Fathers."  Not one of these alleged "Fathers" however was an Apostle.  Not one of them practiced the ancient water baptism of the Apostles in the book of Acts.  Therefore, trinitarian water baptism from its origin is false.

Trinitarians cannot unify themselves on the mode of baptism.  The Catholic Church uses sprinkling as well as pouring.  Many trinitarians follow Rome and the papacy in this mode.  There are several Protestant groups however who do believe proper trinitarian baptism is by immersion.  Which trinitarian mode is correct? NONE OF THEM! Proper New Testament baptism is never in the trinity no matter what mode they choose.

It is interesting note of history that when the King James Translators were performing their work on the New Testament a problem developed over the word "baptism."  The original Greek word "baptiso" meant to immerse. This is the manner of baptism in ancient Jewish convert mikveh baptisms.  We are sure that immersion was the mode of Christian baptisms from the beginning.  The Catholic Church adopted sprinkling and pouring modes from paganism and from rituals of false gods.  When the translators came to the word "baptiso" they did not know what to do.  The Church of England sprinkled for baptism and if they translated baptism as immersed, the whole Church would be in confusion and many members were thought to go out straightway to other Protestant Groups that immersed and be rebaptized.  It is said they took the question to King James.  It is reported that King James ordered that the Greek work "baptiso" not be translated as immersed.  That the Greek word be modified into English syntax as baptism, baptized, baptising, etc., and this would allow all forms or modes of baptism and condemn NONE!  So, it was the King James translators did not translate "baptizo" as immerse and thus the Catholic Church and the Church of England, together with all who sprinkled, held in captivity and religious slavery, hundreds of thousands of people.  All held by a lie put into the Word of God.

According to Catholic documents the papacy says a sacrament must contain three elements to be valid:

1.) the correct form;
2.) the correct matter; and
the correct intention.

The Catholic Church says in baptism the correct intention is to do what the Church does as a matter of tradition, not as the Apostles did in the book of Acts.

The correct matter is water and the mode is sprinkling or pouring not immersion as Jesus and the Apostles did in the book of Acts.

And the correct formula is baptising "in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" (Matt. 28:19), not as the Apostles did in the book of Acts: in the name of Jesus Christ, the name of Jesus, or the name of the Lord Jesus.

What do Apostolic Jesus Name churches believe:

1.) The correct form is in the name of Jesus Christ as we find in the book of Acts;
2.) The correct matter is water and by immersion;
3.) The correct intention is to obtain remission of sins by the washing of regeneration of the blood of Jesus.

Ours is Biblically correct.  The Catholic and Protestant is not Biblical but traditions of men created after the New Testament era.

The Catholic Church also relied upon the interpolated text of Matthew 28:19, knowing that in the original Hebrew Matthew the words "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit" are not mentioned at all.  See the proof these words are missing (CLICK HERE).

So, they use a revised and perverted Matthew text as the source of their trinitarian water baptisms, when most all the true scholars say Jesus never said the trinitarian phrase (see my study on the trinity).

Rome and her Protestant daughters are not happy with those who use the older form of Christian water baptism in the name of Jesus only.  So both the papacy and the sons of the papacy in other Protestant denominations rail and blaspheme against the Jesus Name people who hold strictly to the Bible in water baptism.  According to the ruling of the papacy, its priests, monks, and other prelates, the "Jesus Only" Pentecostals, baptize "in the name of Jesus Christ" and as a result, "the baptisms of these Believers in Christ are invalid, meaning that they are not Christian, but "pseudo-Christian." They claim we are false Christians.  This is sad and bigoted hatred all over our desire to follow the Bible and not traditions of men.

It is these bigoted and slanderous statements that confuse many trinitarians and holds them captive in fear to the lies of Rome and her Protestant daughters.

What is at the root of this religious fear and hatred?  

It is the simple fact that we Oneness Apostolics hold that water baptism is by faith while being immersed.  Wow, and we are hated for that!  We do not teach it is a work of man as Catholics and many Protestant daughters of Rome teach!  

We baptism by faith into the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ according to the revelation of Paul in Romans 6. And we are hated for this.  

Because we do not believe in the trinity doctrine of the Godhead as developed at the Council of Nicaea in 325AD, they claim we are not orthodox but a cult worthy of expulsion from the Christian community. They hate us because we are against everything that happened at the Council of Nicaea.  

To make us look really bad they call us Modalist and Sabellianites, which they claim were both heretical religious sects.  But, when we check the faith of the Modalist and Sabellianites in the mode of water baptism and in their belief in one God we find them following the book of Acts and writings of the Apostles.  They were the original and the Catholic Church hated them and spread falsehoods against them.  Much like Rome and the papacy did when they were spreading lies on Protestants and killing them during the inquistion.  Catholics who were deceived applauded as Christians burned at the stake, all because their faith was not that of Rome or the papacy.  Now the Catholic Church and her Protestants daughters have developed an new inquistion where we Apostolics are the target of their hate. If they could kill us they would.  If they could burn us at the stake they would.  They burn us every week from their pulpits.  If they could kill us in cruel ways they would.  The only protection we have is the freedom of religion given us by the various governments of the world.  In Catholic controlled countries many Apostolics still suffer torture and death every year.  Yet we Apostolic Jesus name People have never hurt or killed a single person because of their religion.

We Apostolics followed the mode as found in the book of Acts, which most Bible scholars claim is the original manner converts were baptized.  We are now twenty (20) million world-wide and we are growing because people who open their hearts when the open their Bible will see the TRUTH and come out of Catholicism and her Protestant daughters.  They will not allow fear-mongering, falsehoods, lies, and deception to keep them in bondage to Rome or Protestant groups.  

The Catholic Church and its Protestant daughters have joined together to denounce the Apostolic Pentecostal Oneness people because we hold to the oldest baptismal form while they hold to the false baptisms invented in the centuries afterward by men.  

We Apostolics hold dear to our heart that water baptism was never intended by Jesus to be an introduction to the trinity of Gods theory, nor as a statement there was a trinity of Gods in heaven.  There was no test of a person claiming to believe in the trinity to be certified saved!  Water baptism signified a burial of the flesh and putting away the sins of the soul by the washing of regeneration of the blood of Jesus (Titus 3:5).  Do we believe in baptismal regeneration?  Yes we do.  We believe the blood of Jesus that accompanies our water baptism gives us regeneration (a new birth, born again of the water see John 3:3-5).  We are sad many disagree with us, but that is our faith based upon what Jesus said. If there is a new birth of the water as Jesus taught, then there is a new regneration that occurs in water baptism.  But, get it straight, it is NOT THE WATER, it is the blood of Jesus that gives us our new life. Do not misrepresent us!  Do not lie upon us.  Do not say we claim water does it.  That is false and a lie and anyone who claims this is lying. We will hold to the words of Jesus with great faith.

Our faith is valid as it is the original baptismal doctrine of the Apostolic Church. It is the blood of Jesus that sanctifies us in water baptism and NOT THE WATER.  It is the blood of Jesus that washes away our sins, NOT THE WATER!  It is the blood of Jesus that brings us remission of sins, NOT THE WATER.  But all this takes place in the life of the Believer when by faith they come to New Testament water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ only.

Because we baptize in the name of Jesus only, the papacy and her Protestant daughters invented a new name to cast into our face to humiliate and intimidate us.  A new name whereby they may call us a cult and scare the world that we are religious boogymen with devil horns and forked tails stuffed into our pants, trying to sneak upon people and steal their valuable trinitarian religious heritage away from them.  They call us "Jesus Only" to shame us, to mock us, to set us at naught, to humiliate us, and to hate us.  

Their hate rises to the level of religious murder.  Why?  All because we Jesus Name Pentecostals note that Jesus told the apostles to baptize in "the name" (singular) of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit.  And we say there is only one New Testament name of God for water baptism and that is as Peter said it on the day of Pentecost:  "IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!"  

The Catholic Church and her Protestant daughters protest against this with great hate and came out with a new doctrine, that the one name of the trinity was "Yahweh."

From the statements of the papacy and her Protestant daughters pushing the new guess name "Yahweh," new Yahweh cults have formed.  These "Yahweh" cults now baptise in the name of Yahweh because it can be found in books written by the papacy and her Protestant daughters as the alleged sacred name of God.  Did the Apostles baptize in the name of Yahweh?  Of course not, the holy record says the baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, the name of Jesus, or the name of the Lord Jesus.  The whole theory of "Yahweh" baptisms is nothing but another Catholic and Protestant perversion of the Truth. Yahweh is a false name (Click here to read about Yahweh).

We who are true to the New Testament record will not accept the trinitarian falsehood nor this late developed theory of pronouncing the name Yahweh to stand for the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Father is not a name, Son is not a name, and the words Holy Ghost is not a name.  If so there would be three names, but the interpolated Matthew 28:19 says in the "name" singular.   If there is one name that represents the whole Godhead what is it?  If there is one person in whom the fullness of the Godhead dwelt bodily who is it?  If God was manifest in the flesh, who was this?  All the answers must be JESUS CHRIST!  This name and root of it's parts can be applied to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.  There is only ONE NAME given under heaven among men whereby we must be saved (acts 4:12). That name is Jesus Christ!  This name is greater then Jehovah, Yahweh, or any other of the myriads of false guess names now being circulated around the world.  And it is the ONLY NAME TO BE BAPTIZED INTO.

We "Jesus Only" Pentecostals argue well that the New Testament talks about people being baptized "in the name of Jesus." There are four such passages (Acts 2:38, 8:16, 10:48, and 19:5); and not one time is the trinity at focus. In other words, none of those baptized were being required to make a trinitatarian statement or confession associated with their baptism.  According to Catholic monks now trying to spread hate against the Oneness Pentecostals, the book of Acts accounts of Luke are "on-the-fly descriptions"; and did not occur in the name of Jesus but in the name of the trinity.  This is just how lying the papacy agents are.  They can make up all sorts of lies and the faithful to the trinity of Gods will follow these homosexual monks like a herd of spooked cattle running in blind fear. We must confess these Catholic and Protestant lies have deceived millions.  But, we are not ashamed of our Jesus only baptisms.  We believe all who love Truth will come to the New Testament true baptism and if this means leaving the Catholic Church and one of her Protestant daughters they will do it!

We Apostolic Jesus Name Pentecostals are correct in our doctrine on New Testament water baptism.  If you are afraid to follow the Bible in this one simple act of faith, how can you trust any of the Bible to be accurate?  Do not follow the papacy or one of her Protestant daughters who disagree with the Word of God.  Come right now to the waters of your resurrection and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.

For you who are Catholic: Peter is claimed to be the first pope.  He is claimed to be infallible in matters of faith and doctrine when he occupies the eccleastical chair as God's vicar.  Well, if you believe this, why not be obedient to the first pope?  He said to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins.  Why wait?  Why put your soul in the hands of homosexual monks, priests, popes, and Protestant ministers trying to make baptism into a statement on the trinity when such was never the intent of Jesus nor the practice of the Apostles.

Your baptismal waters wait for you.  Come and put the name of Jesus on your temple of God.  Just do it by faith following the practices you read in the book of Acts.  If following the Bible leads you from men to God, then follow the correct water baptism.  Why question any longer?  Why go to those spreading lies for answers to this simple Christian act of faith.  Go to the Word of God and there you will find you MUST BE BAPTIZED in the name of Jesus Christ (Acts 2:38).

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