God, Creator, Lord, and Friend
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In the beginning God: these words begin our Bible. It is fitting and honorable that everyone know about this God. Before all things know God.

The name "God" is the Hebrew "Elohim" which is a plural form of El. The plural does not mean there are many gods, but according to Gesenius in his Hebrew Lexicon ,40a, says it is a plural of majesty.  Indeed if we inserted "Gods" in each place Elohim is found, the whole Bible would become a book of confusion.  It is God himself who sets this matter straight speaking of himself in the singular and using Elohim each time he does it.  God is then the first cause of all things, the beginning. He is one Spirit and one Being.

God revealed himself as God on the first day of the creation week which is now recognized as Sunday throughout the Gentile world. One of the reasons we go to God's house on Sunday (the first day of the week), for worship is because we acknowledge God as our Creator. We worship the Creator on the same day he revealed himself as God.

It is when God spoke light into existence the creation begins to unfold. The God of creation is an inventor, a scientist, a mathematician, a nuclear physicist, a physician, a botanist, an architect, a geologist, an expert in all forms of ecology, a developer of behavioral conducts, full of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.  This God of creation is a Spirit Being and cannot be seen by the human eye. But his presence can be felt by the nerve system of the body. There is within each human being spiritual receptors whose only purpose is to feel God. The fact of the existence of these receptors is proven when we worship God.  There are many different ways God moves upon men and women to assure them of his presence.  It is in these moments we can know God as Creator, the one who  took two cells from our mother and father and created us in the womb.  God is to all of us first our Creator.

God becomes our Lord when we acknowledge his rule over us.  The ancient Hebrew word "Adonai" from which we get our English word "Lord" signifies a ruler, one with authority, to whom we give respect, honor, and obedience.  As Lord, God is also our protector.  As all rulers who are called "lord" are to safe-guard their subjects with all the authority and power within their control, even so God as our Lord safe-guards us with all of his authority and power. Should anyone offend we who are God's children, God is against them.  He said vengeance was his, he would repay.  God as our Lord, shows us the limits of our liberty.  We are not to do anything that is against the laws and commands of God.  If we are disobedient by acts of rebellion, it is the Lordship of God that sits upon the throne of judgment against us.  If we are good servants of God, the throne of God becomes one of love, mercy, and grace.  A place from which all blessings come. When God is our Lord, we surrender ourselves to be loyal and faithful.  It is he who created us and we should acknowledge we are alive upon the earth for his pleasure and enjoyment, as much as being alive on the earth is an enjoyment to us.  When we speak of our God as Lord we confess three things:  1.) we submit to his rule over us; 2.) there is none greater then he; 3.) we will worship none other.  So, when Abraham called one of the three Lord who came to visit him before Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed: he was saying to this manifestation of God (a theophany): "I submit to your rule; there is none greater here then you; and I worship none other."   God is your Lord if you feel the same way in your heart toward him.

God is our Friend when we come into fellowship one with another. This is where Apostolics voice their love for God.  When we say we love God, we make direct reference to God as our Friend. He took us in when we deserved to be cast out. Even as a friend does us no harm, so God does us no harm. He is unto us a friend in the time of our troubles, our tribulations, and our trials. He never leaves us or forsakes us.  He sometimes allows us to experience our own failures and the results of our own mistakes, but he is  always there when we call on him to be our Friend.  It is this friendship that is called "Ra-ah" in ancient Hebrew that the Egyptians looked upon the supreme Being as "Ra."  God is our Friend.  

God as Lord hates sin because it is against his Divine nature.  Sin destroyed friendships between God and Adam and Eve. Sin destroys frindships with people and between many husbands and wives. The majority of the world has forsaken God as Creator, as Lord, and as Friend.  They offend God with their idols of wood, stone, marble, concrete, gold, silver, brass, steel, and such.  They offend God with their pictures of idols and demons and devils (even television can become an idol). Many have taken up sin and evil which is the religion of the devil.  Many millions today believe in God and have some understanding about him.  But they have no personal relationship with him.  They have shut him out of their lives to go their own ways. They live for sin and to do evil.  There is very little shame for their bad conduct.  They have corrupted themselves in every manner possible.  Their minds are corrupt.  Their speech is full of corrupt language.  They have corrupted their bodies. They have polluted themselves with idols and false gods.  They worship the devil and wear emblems of satanism and the occult.  They do not care if they offend God.  They have become devils in spirit and in mind, just like the real devil.  These are filled with all manner of cruelty.  Life means nothing to them.  They will abort innocent babies.  They will strip naked for the lust of others. They will mark their bodies with tattoos which God hates.  They have no goodness about them that God would want them.  They are reprobate and full of every evil work.  They do not recognize God as their Creator, their Lord, or their Friend.

We are told in James 4:4 that friendship with the world is enmity with God.

Apostolics are men and women, boys and girls, from all nations who love God.  Some of us were indeed evil, full of sin, and were as those described above. But we saw the end of our ways and did not want to end up in hell or the lake of fire.  We were touched by the mercy of God and given a time to repent.   We acknowledged our ways were not pleasing to God.  We came to our spiritual mind that God is our Lord and we would submit to his authority over us.  We entered into a friendship with God.  We found Jesus Christ and his love for us. It was then we cast the world and its pleasures away.  We believed unto our salvation as found in Acts 2:38.  By faith we came to God just as we were. We would run no more away from God or the Church. It was our time to discover God as Friend, eternal Friend.

When we met Jesus, we found God loved us.

Today, Apostolics are a joyful people.  We are happy.  We are set free from the bondage and yoke of sin.  We shout and rejoice.  And why not, we have escaped the great death of eternal damnation away from God.

We rejoice, and yes, we are not ashamed.

We are Apostolic, the chosen people of God, a holy nation.

Now, why should you be Apostolic?  Because it is the only Church that follows the pattern, doctrine, faith, and beliefs of the Church found in your New Testament.

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