Jesus' New Jewish Religion
(Is The Apostolic Church)

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The New Testament Church was founded by Jesus (Matthew 16:18).  To this Church which Jesus called the Kingdom, Peter was given the keys (Matthew 16:19: used to open the Church doors in Acts 2:38). The Church and the Kingdom of God are then the same thing. Jesus told Nicodemus in John 3:3-5 he had to be born again.  The subsequent baptisms of water and Spirit would be essential to see and to enter the Kingdom of God, the Church.  This Kingdom Jesus spoke about to Nicodemus was the Church, a new Jewish religion he would be the founder of. This religion, this Church, replaced all other forms of Judaism.  The New Testament Church became the Jewish religion of Jesus and this is the only valid Judaism in the world today.

It was around 1994 when I saw the completion of Apostolics as the Israel of God. I knew we were Spiritual Jews according to Romans 2:28-29.  But I did not have the complete picture of the Church being Jewish. I dared to be the first Apostolic in the world to come out and teach the Church was Jewish in its foundation, in its birth, in its identity, and in its existence today.  I must ask the world: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE JEWISH CHURCH if the Apostolic Church is not it?

I was awaken in prophetic understanding around 1974 when I discovered by the help of the Holy Spirit that the Church would go through the tribulation. This came from my study of Matthew 24 where Jesus said he would come back after the tribulation. I had been dispensational pre-trib all the prior years.  In the dispensational teaching Israel and the Church were both different and each had a separate covenant with God. When I saw there was only one Covenant today, the New Covenant, I had to revise my beliefs. But around 1974 I received a revelation on a Sunday afternoon by an act of God.  I was to preach that night for a Pastor in Lakeland, Florida.  I was reading Matthew 24 and verse 29 became so real to me. As I sat in my recliner I spoke to God: "God, if this is right, if you are not coming back again until after the tribulation, please show me." I continued praying: "God, you spoke to Moses by lightening and thunder you can do the same for me as a witness." The words were not out of my mouth a second and lightening struck outside of my mother's home. My sisters on the side porch fixing their hair for Church came running in. "What are you doing in here my Sister Regina ask?" She knew I had a deep walk with God. I said I just ask the Lord to confirm he was coming back after the tribulation by lightening and thunder and he did it.  That was the beginning of unlocking several revelations in the Scriptures.  You also can experience this awesome awakening experience if you will dare to seek God with your Bible in your hands and lay down the books of men.

I had a question. If the Church was to go through the tribulation what would be the reason for the hatred against the Church by the antichrist? I asked many men about the tribulation and the hatred of antichrist. Without exception they all told me don't worry you will be gone. The antichrist will be antisemitic and against the Jews who have returned to Israel and with whom God will restore his  Old Testament covenant. God will destroy the antichrist because he will be against the Jews. The Jews will believe in Jesus when 144,000 evangelist convert them. This is the teaching I got on the tribulation and the antichrist.

But I no longer believed in the rapture theory before tribulation and so I could no longer accept that the Church would be gone from the scene and God would turn back to the Law Covenant for seven years to save Jews. I could not understand why there was a need to revive the Law for salvation of Jews when Jews had since the day of Pentecost come into the Church by Acts 2:38 salvation.  Did not Peter say this was for them, their children, and whomsoever the Lord called? So, I waited upon the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me. Little did I know that since the blinders had been removed about the time of the rapture I would be able step by step to see the New Testament Apostolic Church as the Israel of God.

What happened to the original Jewish Church if the Apostolic Church is not it?  It existed on the day of Pentecost where 120 grew by 3,000 to believers numbering 3,120.  Over the next 3 1/2 years it grew by more thousands.  Then in Acts 8 Apostle Philip was in Samaria preaching and baptising.  Peter and John came from Jerusalem to lay hands on them and they received the Holy Ghost and joined the existing Jewish Church.  Then in Acts 10 Peter goes by Divine direction to the house of Cornelius where a group of Gentiles are saved and added.  I read of Peter's account before the Jerusalem Church in Acts 11 where he was accused of going in to preach to people who were uncircumcised.  I saw something right there. Up to this time only the Jews and half-breed Samaritans that practiced circumcision were in the Church and preached to.  But now, God had opened the door to the Gentiles, the uncircumcised. Peter gave them the account of his vision and its fulfillment with the Gentiles receiving the same salvation experience they had on the day of Pentecost.  The Jews present were all happy and this is what they said: "Then hath God also granted unto the Gentiles repentance unto life." I saw in this the fulfillment of the command of Jesus to preach to all nations; that he would take two groups of sheep in John 10, Jews and Gentiles, and have one fold; that there was one Church founded and salvation was by and through this one Church.  I saw it then plain as day.  The Gentiles came into an existing Jewish Church. They were made joint heirs of the same promises in the same body of Christ, by one blood, one water baptism, and one Spirit infilling.

It was Paul's teaching of the good and wild olive trees that sealed this for me.  The wild Gentiles were grafted into the good olive tree where unbelieving Jews were severed out.  And Paul said they could be grafted back in to their own tree if they remained not in unbelief.  I saw it plain as day. If we are grafted into their own tree, then the tree must be Jewish. It was then I saw the Apostolic Church was a Jewish Church from its beginning. I knew then what happened to the Jewish Church of the first century.  As more and more Gentiles were added to it, they began to out number the Jews.  Gentiles thinking they were the Church when most had no Jewish members, came to see themselves as a Gentile Church.  They lost the revelation of the Jewish Church.

This was to be lost for many ages when Constantine decreed at the Council of Nicaea that the new Catholic Church would have nothing in common with the Jews and antisemitism came to birth.  An antisemitism that eventually led to hatred of Jews and the creation of Adolph Hitler.  Today, many still refuse to accept that the Apostolic Church is Jewish in birth and in identity.  But, many are realizing they are indeed spiritual Jews and the only reason for being so is because they are a part of a Jewish Church.

Now we know why Paul tells us there is one Lord, one Faith, and one Baptism, for Jew and Gentile.

We now know why Paul could tell us we who are in Christ are the seed of Abraham.

We know with assurance that God will revisit the Jews in these last days and once again many will come into their olive tree and fulfill the Jewishness of their birth.

The Apostolic Church is the Jewish Church of the book of Acts.

We are the original.  We hold the doctrine of the Apostles. We are the Israel of God consisting of Jews and Gentiles. We are the true Church of God upon the earth today. We are his Kingdom.

We are the Apostolic Church, the Church of God's choice.

Reign forever O our King

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