The Kingdom of God is the Church.

John 3:1-5;

Mark 9:1 to come with power;

Acts 1:8 the power to come with the Holy Ghost;

Acts 2:4 the Holy Ghost came on the day of Pentecost

Matthew 16:18 Peter had the keys to the Kingdom.

If the Kingdom did not come on the day of Pentecost, Peter had the keys to nothing.

Jesus was baptized on the first day of Daniel's 70th week.

This cannot be refuted. But liars try to scheme lies against it.

At that moment on the Jordan River there was no religion upon earth that could save anyone.

Every person in the world was lost.

When Jesus preached the Kingdom of God he was revealing the only religion that could save.

No Jew or Gentile was saved unless Jesus was the Savior.

The New Testament Church was the only saving religion. It had the exclusive plan of salvation.

Nearly all Jews rejected it. Prophetically, only a remnant would be saved. The rest would perish lost.

The Gospel of salvation was to the Jew first and then to all Gentile nations. The Gospel today has the same evangelistic order. To stop evangelism of Jews in Israel several laws have been passed against Christian proselytizing. So evangelism remains mostly among Gentile nations.

To stop this success: false doctrines, lies, corrupt Bible translations, and denominations have taken control of the religious beliefs of millions. Out of the midst of these, no souls are saved. They have been lied to hell.

We must come out from among. Our mission if we accept it is to restore the Gospel of the Kingdom in all of its Truths. We cannot mingle and mix rabbi fables or Gentile perversions.

Not everyone can accept this mission.

It means we cannot use liberty of will or conscience to invent beliefs or doctrines contrary to the doctrines clearly laid out in the New Testament.

Stay straight. No vain jangling.

They are very few real straight preachers of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God today.

On the Jordan River stood two men.

A prophet and the Messias.

The first two on earth to preach the Kingdom of God.

Baptism was preparation to enter the Kingdom, not a religious system or organization.

Therefore we conclude that being born of the water and Spirit constitutes salvation.

Jew or Gentile, all must flee from their nothing life of sin and death and come into the Kingdom.

If you fail in this personal decision you will be lost.

Come into the Kingdom.

Bishop Reckart

A man God sent