Satan, Sin, And Judgment
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Satan makes his entry into the world in the garden of Eden.  There he takes up possession of a serpent and uses this animal to speak with Eve.  We know this is true because the serpent was cursed after the judgment and Satan was prophesied to.  But Satan or the devil has a more ancient antiquity we find revealed in other passages of Scripture.

For instance, in the first book of Chronicles 21:1 we find Satan provoking David to number the people of Israel. But in Exodus 30:12 such numbering was to be done by each man making a ransom for his soul unto the Lord so there would be no plague among them. David did not follow the Word of God here and resulted in the deaths of over 70,000 souls.  When the angel of God came to destroy Jerusalem David pleaded with God for mercy.  The result of this was payment to Ornan 600 talents of God for the area of land. David built there and altar and offered peace offerings and called upon the Lord.  The Lord sent fire from heaven down on his sacrifice. This spot become the place Solomon built the Temple.  It was to be remembered by all generations that this spot, this area of land owned by David and his seed, was where God gave mercy upon Israel.  The Temple built upon this site was to remind all Israel and Jews everywhere that if Satan moves you to sin, there is a place you can find repentance and God.  Any replica of this Temple, this Church, this Tabernacle that does not carry this ancient message against the devil is founded on a wrong motive. Here Satan the devil will be defeated by the repentance and worship of God's people.

Satan next is found in the book of Job. When other angels appeared before God, here came the devil.  At this point in time the names Satan and Devil were identified as "adversary" one who is opposed to, against, for the purpose of causing harm or destroying.  God asked the devil where he had been and he announced very proudly he had been down on earth going to and fro.  Since sin and evil had then infiltrated nearly every soul, God asked him if he had considered his servant Job.  The devil responded that yes, he had gone by his house to defile him also but there was a spiritual hedge about him that he could not get through. He challenged God to remove this hedge and Job would curse him, for all that a man has, if he loses it, he will blame and curse God. Apparently Satan had used this many times on other men and women.  So, God removed the hedge and informed the devil he could touch Job any way he wanted but could not take his life.  So, the devil departed from heaven back to earth and to the house of Job.  The spiritual hedge was gone.  Job's children who had already been infected with sin and evil by the devil were all killed. But he did not curse God! All his possession were taken from him. But he did not curse God! He afflicted Job with sickness in the form of boils, one of the most painful and uncomfortable conditions a person may have.  But he did not curse God.  The devil got into Job's wife and provoked her to tell him to curse God and die. But Job did not curse God.  Instead it appears his wife ended up dying. Job's three friends come and spin their philosophy upon him and accuse him of some sin or these evils would not have come upon him.  But he did not curse God. Yes, we find Job in a pitiful condition complaining about his situation.  But he did not charge God foolishly.  Yes, Job had some bitterness in his soul because he believed if he lived right God would bless him. And here he was in a trial of great magnitude and where was his God? But he did not curse God. Yes, the devil afflicted Job every place but his tongue, because it was with his tongue he was trying to move him to curse God.  And although Job spoke with his tongue words of despair, words of bitterness, words of complaints, yet he did not curse God.  Satan as Job's adversary has been a Biblical lesson for all Apostolics to wait upon God until we pass through our trials and tribulations, thereby overcoming all the wiles and tricks of the devil.

But there is a more ancient antiquity to this demonic archfiend. He was a devil already when he came to Eve, David, and Job.  From where did this wicked being come?  How could he travel from heaven and God's throne down to earth and back again?  What allows this spirit being this ability? We find him coming in with other angels who were called the "sons of God" in the book of Job.  We can take it from here that he was somehow once among them on the good side but now he was on the evil side trying to destroy and disrupt God's plan for mankind. From the time he enters the picture with Eve in the garden of Eden, he shows himself to be against God.  He said to Eve: "For God doeth know that in the day you eat thereof, then your eyes will be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil" (Gen 3:4).  He was telling her God was depriving her of something good and all she had to do was eat and get it anyway.  And, her blessing from this act of rebellion was she would become a god her self.  If she became a god by eating from this tree she would not need God any more in her life. The devil placed rebellion in her heart.  It is here that we pick up on the fact the devil himself must then have a rebellious spirit in order to transfer this to another being. This also shows us that a rebellious spirit toward God is the same as a devil spirit. It is this rebellious spirit that is incorporated in all witchcraft, satanism, wicca, and the cults.  That is why we find in the Word of God that rebellion to God is the same as witchcraft (1Sam 15:23).  The devil then is the origin of all witchcraft and rebellious spirits.  God does not have a rebellious spirit and no person who is saved has a rebellious spirit.  A saved person has a humble spirit and this is the opposite nature to one who has a rebellious spirit.

The devil appears in the Bible as a rebel against God in  Isaiah 14:12.  Here he  has fallen from heaven. He is called Lucifer, son of the morning. He is pictured as one who weakens the nations through his influence. Lucifer here is "heylel" and means brightness.  This can mean he was very intelligent and at one time possessed a glorious blessing of God to shine forth in spectacular beauty.  In his angelic creation he was special.  Lust got into the devil's heart and mind.  Covetness got into his inner being. He was the created but he wanted more.  He wanted all that was possessed by the uncreated, God.  He was jealous of God and his glory.  He wanted to be equal. O, how that damnable "equal" spirit has destroyed many good men and women. They are not satisfied to be something with God, that want more, they want equality with God. If God does not give it to them, they will revolt and try to take it by force. If this riot and spoil is squashed they will do the next devil thing and that is begin a campaign to destroy others who follow God. In the Isaiah text he follows exactly this procedure. Satan/Lucifer said in his heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars (angels) of God, I will sit upon my own throne over the congregation of angelic beings, I WILL BE LIKE THE MOST HIGH!

Satan was foolish to believe he could be like God and be God's equal.

For all those who follow the ways of the devil, they will never be equal to God nor to the men of God he raises up to perform his pleasure. Herein Satan brings forth his plot and his plan.  He wanted to take over heaven and kick God out.  Sounds almost like some men who want to take over the Church and kick the Pastor out.  Or like some man who covets another man's wife and sneaks around to kick him out of the house to get the woman of his lust.  Satan ushered sin into heaven and then upon the earth. When lust has conceived it brings forth sin.  This is exactly how sin started in the devil. He lusted and coveted to be like God, to be his equal, and then to take his place. Let all young men who seek to be used of God not rise in their pride and lust for postition and fall into the same condemnation of the devil.

It is this sin of the devil God will judge.  He has purposed to judge, condemn, and punish the devil and all who follow his doctrine.  All who perform the works of the devil he will condemn with the devil.  All who rebel against God and his work upon the earth will be condemned.  All who rebel against God's Pastors and against God's people to cause them to lose souls, Churches, and finances will be condemned.  All who try to destroy a Church using the spirit and works of Satan will be condemned. All who stand in the way of sinners, who sit in the seat of the scornful, who pride themselves in the destruction of Truth, will be condemned.  It is for this reason many are in sin and live evil.  They have given themselves to work wickedness and to bring unto themselves the glory of God that belongs only to God and to them he gives it.

Sin began with Lucifer in heaven.  He did not want to live for God and for the purpose of God.  He wanted his own life and his own future and none of this included what God wanted. He was full of envy and hate when he raised up against God and today he promotes those same spirits in sinful men and women against God's Church, its Pastors, and its members. Sin will be judged.  Even as it took many years in eternity for God to cast the devil down, so, although it take many years, all who have this same spirit will be cast down. And even as it has taken these many thousand of years for God to judge the devil and cast him into the lake of fire, so there are many still living wealthy and without shame, rebellious, and causing Pastors and Churches harm. They are headed into the same eternity.

Sin will be judged.  The Apostolic people who have fled from the devil and his world into the Church, have overcome him by the Blood of the Lamb and their testimony.  Apostolics pride themselves to be obedient to God.  They would rather die then destroy the work of God.  They love people and where there is a difference in personality or some other conflicting attitude: we all seek God for better understanding of one another and more love.

Apostolics have over come the devil and we will remain over comers. We have left the world of sin and we are not going back.  We have evicted the devil out of our lives, our homes, and our Churches.  He has no place among us, no not even for one night on Halloween, Hobo Night, or Fall Festival.  He is cast out and he is not welcome. We fast our way to submission and humility and refuse to receive a spirit of lust for power and position.  We will work with our Pastors where they assign us and not revolt and rebel to do our own thing.  We will do all things to bring glory and honor to our God.  We are his servants. This is the true Apostolic in spirit, mind, and body.

To the Lord Jesus Christ we give all our praise and glory.  And from each nation around the world, Apostolics will come and stand on the sea of glass in heaven and bring their glory to the Lord. We have escaped the judgments of God when we went down in baptism in the name of Jesus Christ (Acts 2:38). And we intend to maintain that precious place of safety before the Lord.

Come and join the Apostolic Church and experience the wonderful blessings of God.

We wait for you, come on home!

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